Enfoque de cuenca de protección fluvial (caso Dniéster)

The drinking water deficit is one of the most serious challenges of our times. Overconsumption and climate change make it more and more sharp, rises interconnected environmental, social
and economic troubles. The high importance and complex character of the problem
demands the active public involvement as well as political tools to find an
appropriate solutions.

Protection of the rivers is one of the most essential elements of the water resources management. The basin approach ensuring efficiency of the international, national and local efforts,  complexity of the environmental and social meanings consideration. The basin Councils are the efficient democratic instruments to public social and ecological interests protection.

Productive consultations between Greens of Moldova and Ukraine took place in Khotyn town (Ukraine) (June 2021), in the frame of the Conference “River protection-basin approach (Dniester case)” arranged in collaboration with Bureau de Helling DDA. The main tasks of the Conference – encourage Ukrainian Green activists, local Councillors and members of related NGOs to take part in the basin Councils activity, to improve of their competence in water resources management, to share the international experiences. The outcomes of OSCE Dniester Project also were in spot of attention.

Cooperation of Ukrainian and Moldova Greens is of high importance, particularly because both countries sharing the Dniester river resources. The states are participants of the Eastern Partnership EU Programme and have signed the Association agreements with EU. Thus, the Greens support the best European practices and playing their own role in valuable experiences transfer.

The exchange of basin Councils activity information, visions and opinions on the Dniester protection problems was very useful for the further efficient coordination of the qualified common efforts.



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