communications network

The purpose of this Network is to provide a direct contact point for each Global Greens Member who is responsible for communications with the Global Greens. 

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Bob Hale
Co-Convenor of Communications Network
Gloria Polanco
Co-Convenor of Communications Network
Javier Guerrero
General Secretary of the Partido Ecologista Verde (Chile)


The Global Greens ambition is to increase the opportunities to network and share information between our Members & Supporters. With so many Members, our goal is to create a structured decentralisation whereby each Member Party can provide updates about the news and events from their region, as well as be informed about events in other countries and regions. 

This Network includes individuals nominated by their respective Green Party / Organisation who is responsible for communications with the Global Greens and to act as a point of contact situations that include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Sharing media, articles, general news and events widely across the Global Greens Community; 
  • Be the first point of contact for visiting delegations and country visits; 
  • Support individuals from other Member Parties connect with people in their Party / Organisation; and 
  • Provide up to date information about the Green Party or Organisation (e.g. updates on elected Members of Parliament)