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GG Women’s Network Statement on Indonesia’s revised Criminal Code

On December 6, 2022, Indonesia passed a revised criminal code. Portrayed as a move to cast aside the Dutch colonialist criminal code that has been in existence for almost a century, this latest version threatens basic human rights and targets very distinct demographics.

Global Green’s Women’s Network stands up for human rights everywhere, and in forging a cross-federational, international Green alliance on this issue, unites the Global Green movement in support of Sarekat Hijau Indonesia’s condemnation of these regressive laws that threaten human rights, freedom of expression and journalism.

Only in equality can climate, nature and social justice goals truly be reached. And it is a government’s duty and role to serve all its people, to ensure all members of society can lead the safe and healthy lives they have an inalienable right to.

Indonesian people have already stood up to this, and Global Greens stands in solidarity with all those who speak their voice and uphold the values of free speech, free expression, solidarity and community. The Indonesian government must swifty revise these laws and accept international guidance in this matter. Cooperation and understanding are the bedrock of participatory democracy, a key enabler of equality and freedom of expression.

Global Greens Women’s Network has united the Asia-Pacific Green Federation, the Asia-Pacific Green Federation Women’s Network, and local party, Sarekat Hijau Indonesia in condemning this Code, and together, this alliance stands up for all human rights, everywhere.

Click the link to read the statement.

Protesters outside Indonesian Parliament. photo: Global Voices


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