Global Young Greens (GYG)


The Global Young Greens were established in the year 2007 by a team of like-minded young people from all over the world while attending the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. The establishment of GYG also served as the first GYG Congress. The subsequent congresses were in Berlin in 2010 and in Dakar in 2012.


The Global Young Greens is an emerging youth-led organization supporting and uniting the efforts of young people from a green-alternative spectrum around the world. It works towards (1) ecological sustainability, (2) social justice, (3) grassroots democracy and (4) peace.


  • To empower young people within the framework of participatory democracy;
  • To create a space for young people to be active without being dominated by older generations;
  • To address inequalities between organizations and individuals;
  • To forge strong links between sectors and organizations;
  • To further the Green principles on planet Earth.
  • Parlement Wallon, Ecolo (Belgium)
  • Parlement Bruxellois, Ecolo (Belgium)
More precisely, we are striving for the following principles on the local, national, regional as well as global level:
Protection and restoration of the environment and respect towards animals
Sustainable, equitable and just development
Social Justice
Grassroots, participatory and global democracy, and in particular empowering young people to participate and build more democratic societies
Peaceful and non-military conflict resolution, arms control, disarmament;
Gender justice and empowerment of women;
Inter-generational justice, in particular empowerment of youth and children;
Freedom from discrimination on any grounds whatsoever and equality for all;
Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged people;
Just globalization and fair trade;
Personal freedom on the basis of universal human rights;
The right of all people to self-determination, particularly indigenous people.


Our activities include finding opportunities for young people to get involved in our work, linking individuals and organizations with each other for various purposes as well as carrying on campaigns as GYG.

Join the Global Young Greens!

We are very pleased that you would like to join the Global Young Greens. You can either join us as an individual member, or as an organization. If you want to join as an individual member, just contact the Steering Committee to discuss further steps.

We’re open for everybody who:

  • Abides by the GYG Organizational Principles, statement of principles and Global Greens Charter
  • Welcomes and involves all genders as active and equal participants
  • Is open to all ethnic, religious and other minorities
  • Operates in a democratic and open manner with clear Rules and Procedures
  • Is financially honest, open and accountable and their financial statement provides evidence to this effect
  • Will abide by the rules of the GYG
  • Will not bring the GYG into disrepute

As an organization member we need the following data from you:

  • Constitution, rules of association or equivalent, including the ratification date
  • A description of your organization’s membership and activities including how the organization includes youth in it’s democratic structures and decision making processes

  • The most recent financial statement, preferably audited

  • Other supporting information, such as groups or individuals who could be consulted about the organization and its activities
  • Contact details, including where possible email, website, phone, postal address

  • To qualify for membership, all documents (or a summary thereof where appropriate) must be provided in English