Dimension européenne de la sortie de crise grecque


  1. We are globally in the midst of an economic and financial crisis that originated from worldwide uncontrolled financial mismanagement. After the financial breakdown in USA in 2008, Greece is now among the first European countries where economic, social and environmental degradation is manifested in an unprecedented way.  Amidst this crisis, society is experiencing hard austerity measures and a well organized shock doctrine that have lead both the economy and society to further depression. We Global Greens acknowledge that the way out lies in the enhancement of economic decentralization developed in a common and international framework.
  2. With respect to the European crisis, the re-conceptualization of the European vision can be realized by implementing a common European economic policy and by creating terms of social justice and real democratic governance. We aim at implementing the Green New Deal in Europe and introducing sustainable European policies that will combat the rise of inequality and social despair.
  3. We acknowledge the importance of public investment, especially in times of economic downturn, and thus stand against requests for long-term minimization of public expenditure and investments. Nations that have been hit hard by the crisis, like Greece, can benefit more from green investment plans that create employment and productivity gains than from efforts to increase competitiveness by reducing labor costs. For example, Europe should prioritize productivity increase through developing sustainable technologies and infrastructure. This will bring an essential boost to the European economy. An increase in the investment budget, along with the issuance of project bonds for the development of green infrastructure, is important. Countries like Greece can only overcome the parallel facets of the environmental, economic and social crisis by avoiding short-term solutions, such as the severe exploitation of natural resources (e.g. fossil fuels) and the development of large tourist resorts that destroy the natural environment.
  4. We Global Greens welcome and are grateful for actions of solidarity between Greens. True cooperation and the development of a common vision can get us out of the global debt crisis but also out of the environmental and social crisis we are now facing.
  5. Global Greens express their support for the efforts of the Greek Ecologists Greens to enter the Greek Parliament in the upcoming national elections to be held in a month and to represent green, sustainable and real democratic solutions for Greece.

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