Mandatory Ecology Education

Arrière plan

1. The Global Greens Charter (point 4.7 of Political Action) indicates that the Global Greens “commit to promote a global ecology curriculum for all levels of education”. To make that possible, Green parties and movements from all over the world need to promote laws in their own countries.

2. Ecology education allows the raising of new generations capable of understanding their relationship with the planet and nature, looking for a healthy interaction with the environment and reducing the negative impact of human activities.

3. We know this task is complex, considering it needs perseverance and negotiation with other local political groups. However, it has proven to be feasible as some countries in Latin America have recently been able to change the laws in order to establish mandatory ecology education.


For these reasons:

In order to make a reality of point 4.7 of the Political Action section of the Global Greens Charter, the Green parties of the world with parliamentary representation should commit to promote amendments to their legal systems in the short term, in order to establish mandatory ecology education at all levels.

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