Ecocide, Ethnocide, Extractivism and Land Grabbing

GGPA 창립 회의, 2015 년 12 월

  • Resolution Proposed by the Green Parties of Venezuela, Mongolia, Niger, Senegal
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress 

Noting that:

  • Contextually, one should not quote Pdt Jomo Kenyatta who said, “When the whites came to Africa, we had the land and they had the Bible, and they taught us to pray with our eyes closed and when we opened our eyes, the whites had the land and we have the Bible.”
  • Colonial pattern of “Deculturation” and “Re-culturation”
  • All over the world, we live the intensification of the industrial exploitation of “natural resources”. The justification is everywhere the same: “the jobs are lacking, the States are indebted, the Extractivism is a factor of growth and it would be crazy not to profit from it”.
  • Extractivism of raw materials accelerates the phenomenon of land grabbing which both take to nature without rendering: it is a waste. In countries such as Venezuela, Mongolia, Niger, Senegal, etc. there is no reversal of prospects. We cannot imagine other trajectories.
  • Extractivism and its corollary of land grabbing are both the engine and the fuel of growth and it is difficult to “detoxify” it as the project Orinoco Mining Arch in Venezuela. More raw materials and more energy to extract as in Niger and Senegal, exploitation of mineral resources (uranium, gold and oil) is an endless leak.
  • This link between energy, minerals and lands to be conquered is the modern metaphysics of predation on the planet. Mongolia with the creation of “Global Eco Zone” and Niger with the Green belt of Niamey aim to find another way to react and function.
  • We are faced with a nature that has been completely modified by fire: Fossil Energy. 

Faced with the increasing scale of the phenomenon in recent years and the apprehension of populations and civil society organizations in Venezuela, Mongolia, Niger, Senegal, etc. have been called upon to engage in processes to define land management and / Resource.

In this context, we Global Greens:

  • Recognize, the existence of national initiatives, but still insufficient to allow to really fight against the extractivism and the grabbing of land in Venezuela, Mongolia, Niger, Senegal, etc.
  • Urges States to implement and coherently implement all the tools currently adopted (Voluntary Guidelines on Land Governance, Guidelines for Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises, Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises), to develop binding investment frameworks for private and public economic actors.
  • Support the Party “Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela” in their actions to stop the project Orinoco Mining Arch considered as the beginning of the biggest environmental destruction, internationally qualified as crime of “Ecocide” and “Ethnocide”, of all Venezuelan history.
  • Calls on the Southern States, such as Niger, while respecting the rights and potentialities of the populations and their local cultures, to stop evading their responsibilities by subcontracting the development, financing and implementation of projects to private economic actors.
  • Global Greens welcomes the mobilization of the Greens of: Niger, Mongolia and Senegal around these vital issues and calls on the Nigerien and Senegalese authorities to put an end to this process of Land Grabbing and forest destruction, the Mongolian government to protect the national vulnerable environment and sustainable development process.

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