GGWN을 위해 선출된 새로운 코디네이터

In the #Greens2017 Congress in Liverpool, a new coordination was elected for GGWN.

  • Convenor: Alex Blathal, Australia
  • Representative of African Greens: Dorothy Nalubega, Uganda
  • Representative of Green Parties of the Americas: (to be elected)
  • Representative of Asia Pacific Greens: Anita Nautiyal, India
  • Representative of European Greens: Ghizlaine Guessous, France
  • Global Greens Coordination liaison: Merja Kähkönen, Finland
  • Members: Robinah K. Nanyunja, Uganda; Saadia Bouhbouh, Marocco; Siham Akkad, Morocco; Tetiana Bodun, Ukraine; Maria Patrul, Ukraine; Agustina Garcia, Dominican Republic; Chuluuntsetseg Chultem, Mongolia; Pragya Nautiyal, Nepal; Eva Goës, Sweden, Guia Limpin, Philippines

Congratulations to all elected!

The Network is open, so even if your name is not on the list above, you’re welcome to join our meetings online! To get involved, sign up to our email list or join our group in Facebook.

Author: Merja Kähkönen


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