Il n'y a pas de démocratie quand la vie n'est pas protégée.

In Colombia, the social unrest  due to a tax reform proposal made by the government, led to massive demonstrations against it nationwide. The right to protest is a fundamental part of democracy. We are convinced that peaceful demonstrations empower citizens for good . The demonstrations started on April 28 and still continue (May 6, 2021).
As an opposition party, we see that the orders given by President Iván Duque, threaten life and democracy. Demonstrations have been  repressed in a disproportionate manner and police brutality has not ceased. Security forces have shot unarmed civilians causing 19 victims of homicide according to the Ombudsman office in Colombia but the number of victims is higher according to reports from different NGO’s. Additionally, there are cases of sexual assaults to women, hundreds of people hurt and an unknown number of people disappeared.
Instead of calling for dialogue, president Duque deployed  the Army in the streets of Cali; the city with the largest demonstrations. In the district of Siloé, the police shoot against unarmed civilians and we still do not know the real number of victims. Human rights situation is critical and the human rights violations by the  security forces have been condemned by the international community i.e., the European UnionHuman Rights WatchUN-Human rightsMPP/OAS et European Greens.
In Colombia we are calling for calm and an open dialogue, where the president finally listens to all  organizations,  involved in the national strike.
We call upon the solidarity of all Greens in the world to stand with Colombia and demand President Duque respect democracy  and to call security forces to stop authority abuses.  We invite you to continue accompanying us to protect life and democracy.
Life is sacred !
Partido Alianza Verde de Colombia.
(International Liaison Alianza Verde in Europe)

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