Advancing LGBT+ Rights

  • Proposed by The Green Party of England and Wales
  • Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017

This Global Greens Congress:

Supports the establishment of a Global Greens LGBT+ Network comprising representatives across all Federations as an international network for LGBT+ Green activists and organisations affiliated to the Global Greens.

Endorses the need for LGBT+ Green activists and organisations to:

  • (a) work together through dialogue and discussion crossing national borders to promote the implementation and realisation of the Global Greens Charter as it relates to LGBT+ rights in parliaments and in international forums;
  • (b) share information about policy successes and best practice; and
  • (c) support and build capacity of LGBT+ Green parliamentary candidates.

Acknowledges that the Global Greens LGBT+ Network will work closely and coordinate with the Global Greens Coordination group through the establishment phase and beyond.

Calls on member organisations to consider establishing and supporting LGBT+ networks within their own organisation.

Recognising the need to protect and advance the rights of all those who identify as LGBT+, agrees that clause 6.15 of the political action section of the Global Greens Charter be amended as follows:

Demand decriminalisation of consensual same-sex sexual relations, legal recognition of transgender people and people of marginalised genders, protection of the right to bodily autonomy including for intersex people, and equal rights for same-sex relationships.

Upholds the principle that everyone has the right to love and found families. We support local communities in their call for marriage equality or any other form of families or cohabitation they see fit for their context.

Through its member organisations, will advocate for governments to cease any punishment, violence and cruel treatment towards LGBT+ people and to implement the Yogyakarta principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

We ask that all governments in the world abolish laws that view LGBTIQ+ sexual orientation and behavior as illegal. LGBTIQ+ communities should not be legally deprived of their rights to property, personal liberty, and life because of their sexual orientation and behavior.

We oppose any government that bans, hinders, or oppresses LGBTIQ+ information, speech, work, and other initiatives, and commits discrimination.

We demand that “LGBTIQ+ Mainstreaming” be instituted at every level of government.

All government agencies must, when formulating, implementing and evaluating all types of policies and services, take into consideration the situation, needs, and impact on the LGBTIQ+ community. They should especially pay attention to whether resources are adequate and address intersectional discrimination. To maximize effectiveness, LGBTIQ+ Mainstreaming should be planned and coordinated by a designated agency at an appropriately high level.


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