são Paulo 2008

Speeches, information, Resolutions, Declarations from the Global Greens Congress in São Paulo 2008

Congress 2008 was held from 1-4 May 2008 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, hosted by the Partido Verde do Brasil. It was a fantastic, colourful and wonderful event attended by around 800 people from nearly 90 countries. Key resolutions were the 21 Commitments for the 21st Century and the agreement on the Next Steps for Global Greens. For a background on the event, please read this narrative article published by Mike Feinstein. 


Sustainable Cities
Biodiversity & Climate Change
21 Commitments for the 21st Century
Climate Change – Time for Transformation
Next Steps for Global Greens


Ingrid Betancourt
Nuclear Power Not Answer to Climate Crisis


Congress Welcome
Congress Program
Post-Congress Report

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