The following page provides an overview of the Global Greens Charity.

  1. Registered Charity Name: Verts Mondiaux AIBL
  2. RSIN / Tax Number: 08255.29.840
  3. Postal Address: Rue du Taciturne 34, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
  4. Email Address:
  5. Our Objective / Mission: The Global greens is the partnership of the world’s Green Parties and Green political movements, working cooperatively to implement the Global Greens Charter.
  6. Current Policy Plan: The new Policy Plan is in development.
  7. Composition of the Board: See here
  8. Remuneration Policy: Mandates of the organisation are unpaid. There is only one paid employee that runs the Secretariat.
  9. Current Activities: (1) Advancing climate policies through the COP26 Working Group; (2) Building stronger networks and campaigns through the Global Greens Parliamentarian Association; and (3) Increasing diversity & participation in the Global Greens by building network of interpreters & translators.
  10. Global Greens Financial Reports:

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