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Liverpool 2017

Speeches, information, Resolutions, Declarations from the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool 2017.

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Speeches and keynotes

Les verts mondiaux m’ont fait l’honneur de m’inviter à prendre la parole lors de cette cérémonie d’ouverture alors qu’il existe tant de talentueux écologistes d’Afrique et d’ailleurs. Je tiens à les en remercier en espérant être à la hauteur de la tâche qui m’a été confiée.
Green friends, on behalf of the Green Party of England and Wales, I'd like to thank you for coming to Liverpool and to the Global and European Greens Congress. Whether you travelled for two hours or for 20 to get here, it is each one of us who has made this Congress so successful.


Global greens - Stepping for the future
Conflict in yemen
Ecocide, Ethocide, Extravism
Advancing LGBT+ Rights
Healthy oceans for sustainable development
Protection of Coral Reefs
Veterinary Medical Products: an issue for human health
For an International Recognition of The Crime of Ecocide
Green Commitment to Counter Right-Wing Extremism and Racism
Transition away from coal and fossil fuels
Phase Out Nuclear Energy Globally and Urgently from Northeast Asia and Indigenous Lands
Electoral Reform for a More Participatory Democracy
Reparations for slavery and slave trade and its aftermath


endorse the objectives and UN negotiations for a legally...
support for colombian pursuit of peace, the fight against...
new israeli settlement in west bank
South china dispute 2017
Repudiation of Barrick Gold in Argentina
Rejection resolution 3339/E/2017 Argentine government

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