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The “Alternatives to GDP” Working Group brings together members of the Global Greens community and experts to investigate alternatives to GDP as an economic measurement tool, with the aim of providing resources for Green Parties. Anyone interested in helping us to reframe economic measurements in a world challenged by extractivism and climate change is welcome to join.

The spark for this working group began in 2017 at the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool, where a session named “Alternatives to GDP” was held. The convenor of the session, the father of our WG was a famous Swedish astronomer and former MP, Gösta Lyngå

The goals of that session were:

      • That the Global Greens promote alternative progress measurements to GDP, with a particular focus on those measures that elevate outcomes for both people and the planet.

      • That the Global Greens establish an international working group to stimulate an ongoing conversation on alternatives to GDP.

    Following an important event, a “virtual-web conference” entitled “Alternatives to GDP” was held on 5th February 2022, see this link and the working group was born.

    Some basic related links:

    Simon Kusnetz, the economist who introduced GDP

    Robert F. Kennedy about GDP

    The limits to growth, a milestone paper

    The Dasgupta review, a paper commissioned by the UK HM Treasury, about measuring economic success

    UN Secretary general, Antonio Guterres about GDP


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