Volunteer in the Global Greens Secretariat and be actively involved in developing the Greens Community globally every day.

Interpreter & Translator

Critical role to help ensure we are a truly global network with diverse representation and participation.
Key skills
  • Multilingual - English and at least one other language. 
  • Eye for detail
  • Reliability 
  • Time management
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Provide simultaneous interpretation for meetings and webinars.  
  • Translate documents, articles, short video captions, and online material between two or more languages.

Google Adwords Expert

Are you experienced with Google Adwords? We'd appreciate your advice! Please contact secretary@globalgreens.org if you're interested.
Key skills
  • Demonstrated experience with Google Adwords
  • Helping set up the Global Greens Google Adwords account. 
  • Recommending best strategy for online advertising

Google analytics

The Global Greens Coordination is looking for individuals with experience in setting up google analytics for websites.
Key skills
  • Demonstrated experience in google analytics
  • English speaking, preferably multilingual
  • Helping set up Google Analytics on the Global Greens website. 

Global Greens Volunteers

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