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co-hosting Africa’s Readiness for Climate Change (ARCC) forum – April 19-23, 2021.  Free to all

About the ARCC Virtual Forum

ARCC 2021 inaugurates a 5-year commitment to building bridges between the US climate change movement, African Diaspora, and Africans addressing climate change emergency action. This event will include multiple UCLA schools and departments and provide the opportunity to meet some of the most notable Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora engaged in climate change. This platform will help develop strong public/private partnerships between the US and Africa, united in seeking climate solutions and implementing the UN SDGs. The ARCC Forum will assemble interdisciplinary panels of scholars, scientists, industry leaders, climate change innovators, youth activists, and dignitaries to build on African initiatives in these key areas: sustainable agriculture, energy, water use, wetland restoration, biofuel development, entrepreneurship, awareness building, engineering, and ecovillage development.

Purpose and Goals

An opportunity for the US and climate change leaders to accelerate ambitious solutions and build stronger global partnerships. ARCC 2021 inaugurates a 5-year commitment for climate change emergency action between Africa and the US to solve some of the most pressing challenges of the climate crisis.  An opportunity for youth leaders to collaborate and develop actionable programs together.

The general goal of the forum is to develop an integrated vision of “Green Development” in Africa that is both ecologically and economically sustainable, emphasizing local solutions to climate change developed by African stakeholders in urban and rural environments. Key contributors will identify priorities for research and implementation, and collaboratively develop an action plan for the future.

The five-day international ARCC Forum will be a virtual event serving a broad audience within the UC system and throughout the climate change community. The event provides a unique opportunity to support African-designed programs that incorporate best practices in sustainable development and are guided by the needs of both communities and governments. In addition to panel discussions on topics ranging from Climate Readiness Infrastructure to Ecovillage/Eco-City Development, we will offer Design Thinking jam sessions, Climate Solutions Networking Gallery, and opportunities to connect with leaders in the global climate change movement.

ARCC includes Green Party members:  Annie Goeke (co-founder Global Greens and GPUS), Executive Director Earth Rights Institute;  Nnimmo Bassey, (Green Party member Nigeria), Director Health of Mother Earth Foundation;  Professor Dramane Toure (Green Party leader Cote d’Ivoire), Director Earth Rights Institute Africa and others.

Registration and further information: ARCC 2021 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of this organization.

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