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Statement Party of the Greens of Ukraine


of the Greens of Ukraine






unprecedented concentration of troops of the Russian Federation near the
borders with Ukraine has created military-political threats of a pan-European
nature. Russia’s unprovoked unilateral actions contradicts the fundamental
principles of international law and leads to the restoration of the right of
force in international relations, in fact, it devalues the cruel lessons learned
by mankind from the experience of the two World Wars. The likelihood of a new
catastrophic conflict, the scale of which will inevitably go far beyond the
framework of Ukrainian-Russian relations, is becoming more and more real.      

should be emphasized that what is happening today is a natural continuation of
Russia’s consistent expansionist policy, which in the recent past led to the
emergence of a pseudo-state entity in Transdnistria and the invasion of Georgia
in 2008. The absence of tough and effective reaction from the international
community in the past to these actions of the Russian Federation in Moldova and
Georgia encourages Russia to take further aggressive actions against Ukraine

call on Europeans to realize that the strategic priority of the Russian
Federation is a new division of Europe into spheres of influence, which
fundamentally contradicts the spirit, meaning and objectives of European

for state sovereignty and observance of the principles of the rule of law
(including international) is certainly an element of the system of common
European values. Unfortunately, even in the current critical situation, the
positions of European states differ significantly, which casts doubt on the
ability of the international community to effectively defend these values ​​by
actively counteracting the threat of aggression. Under Russian pressure, a
divided Europe runs the risk of finding itself in the ruins of the system of
international law suffered after World War II and casting doubt on its own
democratic future.

European solidarity and readiness to use all tools to counter the threats of
aggression – diplomatic, economic and military-political, including the supply
of defensive weapons to Ukraine as significant deterrents, can prevent the
implementation of such a scenario.

the Ukrainian Greens, call on the Greens of Europe, as members of a global
political family united by common democratic principles and humanistic
aspirations, to be in solidarity in countering arbitrariness and attempts to
restore the right of force on the international arena.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of this organization.


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