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Bodil Valero

Bodil Valero is a Green politician with a long political career; beginning as a local and regional
counsellor to become a member of Swedish and then EU Parliament. Now she is part of the Swedish
Greens delegation to the European Green Party as well as part of the Global Greens Coordination.

As a lawyer specialised in migration and environment her main activities passed through energy and
climate to become the spokesperson for the Swedish greens in migration, security, foreign affairs,
cooperation and control of weapons export.

In the European Parliament her main subjects were security and defence, arms control, human and minority rights, migration and foreign affairs. She graduated first in romance languages (Spanish, French and Catalan) and later on law at the University of Uppsala, but started her career studying music and drama.
Bodil is the Global Chair for G100 Security and Defence Wing. She is also co-founder of the NGO
African European Parliamentarians Initiative (AEPI).


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