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Eva Goës

  • Eva Goës has served in the GG Coordination since 2013 as a Substitute/Alternate for the European Green Party and as a GG Fundraising Advisor.  
  • In 2016 Eva was elected by EGP Delegates to serve as a Full voting Member of the GGC.
  • Member of Miljöpartiet de Gröna, Sweden

Since 1981 Eva has been a member of the Swedish Green Party, Miljöpartiet de gröna. 1986-88 Eva was the spokesperson of the Swedish Green Party when the party entered parliament in 1988 as the first new parliamentary party in more than 70 years in Sweden.

Eva Goës has always been engaged in human rights and environmental justice worldwide, protested against French nuclear weapon tests at Moruroa and stopped the forced relocation of Diné (Navajo) Indians in Arizona. Her greatest political commitment is in introducing decentralized renewable energy and fight against nuclear power and nuclear weapons. And Eva’s motto is: “if you get the power over your energy – you have got the power over your economy!”

Positions held with the Green Party include:

  • MP – Member of the Swedish Parliament 1988-91 and 1994-98. 
  • Chairperson of City planning committee in Härnösand 2002-06.
  • Vice chair of Hemab, Härnösand energy and ecology company from 2011.
  • Member of the Swedish anti-nuclear movement, FMKK, and  chairperson 1992-94.
  • Former member of Green Forum Foundation for democracy and capacity building of Green parties in developing countries and chairperson 1999-2012.
  • Former Swedish delegate of European Green Party, EGP.  
  • She has good knowledge of building worldwide network of Greens

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