Snigdha Tiwari

Ms Snigdha Tiwari has been involved with the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) since 2017, is a member of the Global Greens Administrative Committee, Policy Committee, Membership Committee, and the Asia-Pacific Young Greens Network. She was elected as Co-Convenor of the APGF in 2019 and was actively involved in developing the Asia-Pacific Young Greens Network. She is a representative of the APGF to the Global Greens and a member of the Global Greens Strategy Working Group.

Ms Tiwari has participated in the Global Greens in Liverpool in 2017, and meetings in Australia in 2018. She has extensive experience working at a transnational level, and has organised and led multiple national conferences, meetings and training sessions in her own country. 

In 2021, Ms Tiwari successfully organised a two-day conference called ‘Climate Justice & Protection to Defenders: A Socio-Legal approach to Climate Change’ in coordination with more than 30 organisations, with participation from scientists, subject matter experts, advocates and activists. Ms Tiwari’s participation in COP 26 will enable her to continue to advocate for responsible environmental policies and litigation, disseminating her experience to her party and student group to support a growing environmental movement in India.


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