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Conflict in Syria


1. Considering the current armed conflict in Syria, the Global Greens state that war (including civil wars) and violence are against Green principles. Any life sacrificed in war for political purposes is a striking burden for a country and its people.

2. Members of the Global Greens shall seek any possible way for violence from any force in Syria to cease, and for international support for war victims to freely enter the country.

3. The Global Greens do not support a military intervention in Syria. Instead, we stand behind the efforts made by the UN and Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan to find a peaceful solution to the conflict with a UN-supervised ceasefire as a first step. We urge fair and legal punishment for those who are responsible for the mass killing and injuring of people in Syria.

4. In addition to the ceasefire, we believe that an arms embargo is absolutely necessary. In order to effect the embargo, monitoring of borders needs to be considered. 

5. Even though Syria has formally accepted the peace plan, the regime has not ended the violence against its population. The Global Greens therefore urge the regime to immediately stop the attacks on its own population, and urge the different opposition groups to stop any further acts of violence against the regime and other opposition groups. More violence will not end the conflict.

6. The Global Greens demand that the global community be prepared for long-term assistance to the Syrian population and to the post-conflict leadership to build a real democracy with respect for all ethnic and religious groups in the country. We truly believe that a future Syria has to be built up with respect for both human rights and minority rights. As Global Greens, we remind the global community of the responsibility to prevent armed conflicts from emerging in the future.


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