Global Greens Local Government and Councillors Network


Noting that:

  • often the first direct interaction people have with Greens representatives is at the local government level;
  • commonly the strongest electoral support for the Greens is in local government;
  • local government is grassroots democracy in action;
  • Greens in local government can deliver substantial, tangible change that positively affects the lives of people and the environment;
  • strong electoral results for the Greens in local government are the building blocks for strong results regionally and nationally;


1. The Global Greens establish an online Global Greens Local Government and Councils Network (the Network) to:

  • increase the dialogue and discussion between prospective, current and former Greens local government representatives and others interested or expert in local government;
  • support Greens local government capacity building and best practice.

2. Each Global Greens Federation will nominate a representative to form the coordination group of the Network. The Network will not require dedicated funding.

3. The Network will always aim to achieve equal gender participation and diverse involvement from across the world.

4. The Network will meet in person at each Global Greens Congress and the Global Greens Coordination will oversee the Network (if required) between Congresses.


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