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Protection of Animal Rights

R7 | Proposer: Partido Verde Ecologista de México

Resolution text

The Greens, in their respective jurisdictions, will promote the protection of animal rights through combined strategies, including but not limited to: 

• Legal recognition of animal sentience. 

• Presence of animal welfare in legislation. 

• Prohibition of activities involving animal abuse and cruelty. 

• Establishment of supportive government bodies. 

• Support for international animal welfare standards. 

• Intensify work on a global UN declaration on animal welfare. 

• Work for a ban on the trade in live wild animals. 

• Work to bring about a global regulatory framework against the routine use 11 of antibiotics in animal husbandry. 


• The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico has encouraged changes in legislation and public policy in order to recognize and protect animal rights, achieving the inclusion of animal welfare principles in the federal law, and prohibiting cruelty acts locally or nationally, such as dog fights, bullfighting, circuses with animals, shows with marine mammals, and the commercialization of primates. 

• Although no binding animal welfare criteria have been adopted internationally, instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights provide important guidelines for this purpose. 

• The Global Greens Charter contains only two articles on animal welfare; this subject needs to be reinforced and properly complemented: 

The Greens: 

7.13 Will work to ensure that animal growth hormones are banned, and stringent regulations governing the use of antibiotics on animals are enforced. 

7.14 Will work to ensure the humane treatment of all animals during breeding, transport and slaughter and will ensure animal welfare.


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