Support for Nomadic Way of Living


Nomadic way of living is:

  • one of the oldest ecologically friendly life-styles human kind has created and still exists today;
  • an excellent example of sustainable life-style which is able to ensure satisfaction of all human needs for a dignified life;
  • a philosophy where humans are part of nature and live in harmony with nature;
  • more then just animal husbandry and production, but a truly green way of life thatbelongs to the world’s cultural heritage.

Nomadic way of living is in great danger of being destroyed because:

  • The quantity and quality of nomadic pastures are endangered
    • through extractive industry projects (large mining sites/fences, extensive use of ground water and decreasing permafrost etc.)
    • through intensive farming practices
  • Climate change is putting this way of living under increased pressure

Nomadic way of living is in danger of disappearing if we don’t act immediately by raising the attention of the world community and Governments, and advocating as Global Greens for policies in favour of preservation of this way of living.


The Global Greens:

  1. Support raising awareness that the nomadic way of living is in danger of disappearing due to unsustainable practices such as mining if we don’t act immediately.
  2. Demand that Governments recognize nomads’ rights to continue with the nomadic way of living.
  3. Support protection of their living environment including pastures, water, forest etc.
  4. Demand Governments put in place policies that prioritize ecological and cultural interests above unsustainable economic profits, to sustain nomadic way of living.
  5. Call for conserving one of the oldest authentic sustainable economic systems – the heritage of nomadic animal husbandry and nomadic way of living.

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