Supporting Cooperatives Globally


The Global Greens acknowledge:

  • The close alignment between the International Cooperative Principles and those of the Global Greens;
  • The significant contribution of cooperatives to global economic and social development, and to reducing poverty: cooperatives in their many forms promote the fullest possible participation in the economic and social development of all people, including women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and rural communities;
  • The strong commitment of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) to peace, combating climate change, and securing a sustainable and renewable future for the planet;
  • The performance of the cooperative movement during the global financial crisis, which demonstrates the strength of the cooperative enterprise model and has resulted in a surge of global support for cooperatives.


In affirming our support for the cooperative movement and the International Year of Cooperatives 2012 (IYC2012), the Global Greens:

1.  Urge Greens parties and movements across the world, in consultation with the cooperative movement in their country, to:

1.1  Promote and support cooperatives and raise awareness of their contribution to social and economic development, taking advantage of IYC2012 and the International Day of Cooperatives on July 8;

1.2  Propose and campaign for legislative and administrative provisions governing the activities of cooperatives that nurture the creation, growth and sustainability of cooperatives in the rapidly changing socio-economic environment, and provide a level playing field vis-à-vis with other forms of business, including appropriate tax incentives and access to financial services and markets.

2.  Support the proposed amendment to the 7th International Cooperative Principle that enhances the environmental focus of cooperatives.

3.  Resolve to work closely together with the International Cooperatives Alliance on issues relating to cooperatives and social business.

4.  Resolve that each member  party send contact details of relevant MP spokesperson or Party member to the International Cooperatives Alliance to receive news / updates.

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