Future of the Global Greens – Stepping up for the future

Proposed by: the Global Greens Coordination
Adopted at the 4th Global Greens Congress, Liverpool 2017

The Global Greens is the partnership of the world’s Green parties and Green political movements created to implement the principles of the Global Greens Charter and working cooperatively in support of their fulfilment.

Our partnership includes Green parties, Green political movements and Green partner organisations from around the globe. Working in diverse contexts we support each other to achieve our shared  comprehensive concept of sustainability founded on the principles of ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability and respect for diversity.

The Greens operate locally, nationally and globally. We have Green parties in over 100 countries, elected representatives in more than half of these, and diverse networks of activists committed to achieving a sustainable world.  

We recognise that in order to be effective in achieving the goals set out in our Charter we must continue to develop our structures and expand our common operating capacity.

Building on the decisions taken at the third Global Greens Congress in Dakar, we are committed to equipping the Global Greens organisation with the capacity to implement our Charter at all levels from global to local.

The fourth Global Greens Congress therefore resolves as follows:

Connect, consolidate, campaign

1.  We resolve to strengthen our collaboration as the Global Greens political family for the long term and to secure the resources for the Global Greens to develop, work more effectively and build capacity until the fifth Global Greens Congress in 2022 and beyond.

Joint action

2.  We commit to working together on two priority campaigns: tackling climate change and strengthening democracy.

Funding our common work

3.  We agree that Member parties will take primary responsibility for funding the Global Greens common work on the basis of shared but differentiated responsibility, complemented by contributions from Federations, fundraising and other sources.

4.  We agree that an adequately staffed Global Greens Secretariat is essential to provide professional and effective support to the Global Greens and commit to strengthen its financing and resources over and above current levels.

Appointment of Global Greens Convener/Co-conveners

5.  Noting (a) that the Statutes require the Global Greens Convener to be selected from amongst Global Greens Coordination (GGC) members and (b) that this greatly restricts the pool of potential candidates especially if co-conveners are to be considered, we agree to amend Clause 5.1.13 of the Statutes as follows: 

5.1.13 The GGC shall appoint a Convenor or Co-Conveners from amongst the following: its members and up to two other persons of different genders nominated by each Federation. The Convenor is responsible for coordinating the work of the Executive, the Secretariat and the GGC. The Convenor does not vote in the Executive or in the GGC but may call for a decision to be made or reconsidered and shall facilitate consensus building.

Global Greens Coordination

6.  We affirm that the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) should continue with its current structure.

7.  To ensure gender balance we encourage the Federations to adopt the ‘50%+’ rule when selecting representatives (at least 50% of representatives should be female).

8.  We agree that representatives of Global Greens Networks may be invited to participate in Global Greens Coordination meetings where relevant issues are to be discussed.

Fifth Global Greens Congress

9.  The Asia Pacific Greens Federation is invited to host the 5th Global Greens Congress in 2022 in a location jointly agreed by the Global Greens and the APGF.

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