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Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th June 2023. Congress will be at the Songdo Convensia Centre, Incheon, South Korea. 

This is the 5th Global Greens Congress, and the first time back in Asia-Pacific Green Federation since the landmark 1st Congress in Canberra, Australia where the Global Green Charter was signed. Congress happens every 5 years. It is 6 years since the last Congress in Liverpool due to the impact of the  pandemic. And particularly because of that, we are extremely excited to get to meet in person, share, learn and get connected.

The Convensia is very close to the main International airport, Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN). ICN is the main international airport for Korea with flights coming in from a wide variety of countries. There is a convenient bus (#303, #303-1) which travels from the Airport terminals to Songdo Convention Centre, taking around 30-40 minutes. Alternatively, there are taxis. See ‘what about arriving?’ for more details.

More information about Incheon can be found here

Global Greens Congress brings together the entire Green world. Hosted by Global Greens Secretariat along with Green Party of Korea and Asia-Pacific Green Federation, to bring together over 100 countries, in 4 federations, along with the Global Young Greens Congress. 

Beginning early afternoon on Thursday (8th June), and finishing in the afternoon Sunday (11th June), there will be federation sessions, plenaries, resolutions, and an action-packed programme that will inform, motivate and unite us all, and strengthen and build the entire Green movement. 

We also have many key partners attending, and there will be joint sessions with Stop Ecocide on international Ecocide law, Fossil Fuel Free Future Treaty on a universal declaration committing to keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and Heinrich Boell Stiftung on Artificial Intelligence, and why it matters. There will be big announcements from Indigenous Network and renewed commitment to uniting the world’s Green Indigenous Peoples, and ensuring their voices are loud and clear, and much, much more.

Building alliances and networks is crucial. We all know how vital biodiversity is for life, and this is true in the Green world too. Listening, sharing, inspiring and forming networks and friendships is how we build a better world, for all, together. And networking is key part of what makes Congress so vital, powerful, and uplifting. Being open and positive are key Green values, and as well as plenty of networking opportunities, there will be spaces and places in the Convensia to meet new people from all over the world and get to know each other.

Download the Whova app as soon as you’ve got your ticket. Programme updates will be announced on there, as well as ways for attendees to get connected ahead of Congress. The Programme and all announcements at Congress will happen through the app.

All Global Green Congress participants – attending in real life or virtually – will need to download the Congress Whova app. This will be your digital guide for the upcoming Global Greens Congress. 



As you know, congress and event programmes often change last minute. The app will always show the latest programme, and the last-minute time or room changes. It will give you all information on the sessions, speakers, and any relevant background reading. 


You can manage your own programme by bookmarking the sessions you want to attend, and the app will give you a notification when the session starts. 


This is a less-paper Congress, so there won’t be any printed programmes available.



You can find all other Congress participants in the app, send them a direct message, or make an appointment. When you add your biography to your profile, other Greens can also easily find you! There are messaging services and space to connect.



Congress participants who need interpretation, can get this through the app. All live-streamed sessions are accessible via the app, and then you’ll also be able to listen to the interpretation. Also, participants joining from home can connect to the sessions and the interpretation this way. 


Download the Whova app (, and start your GG Congress experience today

Tickets for Congress are on sale here:


Ticket sales are open, please click here for a short explainer document on which tickets to buy.

And please do download the Whova app – the is our Events tool where you will learn about the Congress as announcements are made in the run-up, and also get connected with other attendees. The Programme and interpretation will also be done through the app

There’s lots of options with several hotels and AirBnB in the area. 

Right on the doorstep of Convensia are the Sheraton and Oakwood, and the price reflects the convenience and trimmings.

The main hotels being used are: ORAKAI Songdo Park Hotel, just a short walk from the venue; Songdo Central Park Hotel, a walk through the park to the Convensia, and; Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo, a further walk through the park, but also very accessible by metro, just one stop. Ramada Songdo Hotel, and Best Western Harbor Park Hotel are also in the area.

When you’ve got your bags and come into the Main Hall (before you go outside to the taxi’s/buses), you’ll see there’s booths where you can pick up a Korean SIM card, we recommend doing this. There are good deals for about €10. People will generally speak English here to help.

There’s also cash machines in the Main Hall too. If you intend to take the local bus, you’ll need change too. Start out adventurous and treat yourself to a little Korean drink or snack you can’t get in your country. There are shops around to do that.

Incheon Seoul International Airport (ICN) is conveniently close to Songdo. A taxi will cost about €18 from outside arrivals, and goes direct over a long bridge connecting to Songdo. Local buses follow the same route (#330, #303)and you can pick them up outside the airport too. They are about €2 and it takes about 30 minutes. They go from bus stop 13b outside arrivals.

Although there is a well-developed metro line throughout Incheon and then Seoul, there’s no direct metro or train to Songdo. To get there, you would have to go in the opposite direction to Incheon centre, and then back out to Songdo – if that’s where you’re staying. This will be quite cheap, but takes about 1 1/2 hours. Unless you don’t mind the long journey, we don’t recommend taking the metro to Songdo from the airport. 

Songdo is conveniently located on a peninsula close to Incheon Seoul International Airport (ICN). There are local buses which take about 20 mins to Songdo directly over a long bridge connecting the airport to Songdo.

Always take the usual precautions, but Songdo is a safe area to walk around. The Convensia and main hotels surround the landmark Songdo Central Park, modelled on New York’s Central Park. This is lovely to walk through. Streets and pavements in the area are wide, and crossing roads is clear and well-signposted. 

There is a metro line going through Songdo, which also connects to a line going into Incheon centre. The nearest stop to Convensia is Incheon National University, which is a 10 minute stroll to the venue. Orakai Songdo Park hotel is next to this stop too. There are also local buses that criss-cross the main streets.

Bike and scooter-sharing is also common throughout the area, with wide, safe, clearly-marked areas to ride on. There are 2 or 3 different companies operating.

We also understand many people may have questions about obtaining a visa. We recommend you check whether the country your passport is from is eligible for the K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization). Many countries are eligible for the K-ETA, please see here for more details. If you are not eligible for the K-ETA, the Global Greens can provide some assistance with visa applications. A letter of recommendation for all non K-ETA visa applications can be provided by the Global Greens and Green Party Korea.

Each country with at least one Full Member party can be represented by up to 3 delegates with voting rights for the formal decision-making sessions. If there is more than one Full Member party in the country, those parties must decide how the delegate positions will be divided between them.

Each country with at least one Associate Member party can be represented by up to 3 delegates with speaking rights, but not voting rights, for the formal decision-making sessions. If there is more than one Associate Member party in the country, those parties must decide how the delegate positions will be divided between them.

Additionally, anyone can attend Congress to watch/ observe the formal delegate sessions, and to be involved in discussions in the general sessions.

Most delegates have been decided. Contact your party to see who your delegate is.

Proposals for sessions are now closed and we have some exciting things lined up.

Once you’ve got your ticket, download the Whova app to start seeing announcements on the programme and speakers.

Sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on all socials to see what is coming, and support us by liking, commenting and sharing.

Global Greens are entirely member-funded, so do please consider a donation. This will help us fund the conference and sponsor delegates from across the globe to ensure better access and participation. Equality of participation is a vital part of Global Greens philosophy. No matter how big or small, everything makes a difference. 

You can donate here.

We’ve got an amazing team of volunteers who have been working tirelessly to develop, organise and bring this Congress to life. They are organised into sub-committees under the Congress Working Group and represent all four federations and different peoples from around the world.

The sub-committees are:

  • Communications – this group coordinates all of the communications including social media, emails, and newsletters. 
  • Logistics – this group coordinates the venue, hybrid centre, speakers, guests, and accommodation 
  • Programming – this group is responsible for developing the programming of sessions
  • Registrations – this group manages the process of registering, and liaises between delegates and the GG 
  • Resolutions – This group sorts and merges the proposals of resolutions, before being put to vote
  • Visas – this group is responsible for assisting with visa applications and works with our delegates 
  • Finances – this group advises the sub-committees on budget related matters
If interested in volunteering, or you have some skills you can offer, particularly in content creation and social media both at Congress and after, get in touch with our volunteer manager, Julia.

Whilst we are still living in unprecedented times due to the global pandemic, the Congress Working Group is monitoring current restrictions. 

Effective June 8, 2022, South Korean government has lifted its quarantine requirement for unvaccinated overseas arrivals, and effective October 2022, the government lifted PCR test requirements. No testing or proof of vaccination required for entry into Korea.

Although more positive, the situation is still dynamic. Do make yourself aware of any changes to travel guidance, and take the recommended precautions.

Some information can be found on the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


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