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COP27 – Egyptian Greens and Global Greens Statements on Human Rights.

Participatory democracy, non-violence, and respect for diversity are key Global Greens Principles. The decision to hold COP27 in Egypt, where there are significant human rights abuses, and restrictions on civil society and political space, has severe implications for positive action on climate change and social justice.

The Egyptian Greens are boycotting COP27 due to these issues with the Egyptian Government, and Global Greens stands in solidarity. Every voice must be heard and be accounted for in order to solve the huge crises the world faces. No-one should have to live in fear, and without being able to express themselves and give agency to their lives.

The Egyptian Greens statement, supported by the four Global Greens Federations is here.

Egyptian Green Party

Global Greens will send a delegation to COP27 to represent and speak for all our movement, the Egyptian Greens included. We stand united in this and stand up for what is right.

The Global Greens statement on human rights and COP27 is here.

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