Global Greens call for action at Rio+20

Rio +20 will be a wasted effort unless it produces binding agreements to take the world forward on a path of truly sustainable development and of enforceable environmental governance, according to the Global Greens.

The Global Greens is the network of the world’s Green parties and political movements covering parties in nearly 90 countries around the world.

Meeting in Dakar, Senegal, in March 2012, the Global Greens agreed a Rio+20 resolution emphasizing the need for ecological and social transformation, including the introduction of a global tax on financial transactions to help meet the world’s goals for eradicating poverty, empowering women and ensuring environmental sustainability.

The Global Greens want Rio + 20 to establish clear goals, targets and indicators for measuring sustainable development which guarantee outcomes by 2020 and 2050.

Specific outcomes that should be achieved at Rio+20 include:

  • agreement to a clear and ambitious target phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, no later than 2020 in developed countries;
  • priority given to urgent action for sustainable management of the world’s oceans;
  • an end to deforestation and degradation of natural forests by 2020;
  • re-commitment by wealthy countries to lifting public overseas aid funding to at least 0.7% of GDP;
  • creation of an international environmental court;
  • creation of a democratically accountable World Environmental Organisation

The Brazilian Greens will host a special Global Greens meeting on Monday 18 June focusing on a ‘green economy’ and proposals for a more environmentally balanced world without poverty to be taken to Rio+20.

More information about the Global Greens side event on Monday June 18th:

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