Global Greens calls for an annual biodiversity COP

To hit critical targets by 2030, governments must be held to account.

The world agreed to critical targets and actions to save and restore nature.

There is no time to waste. Holding only 3 biodiversity COP’s before 2030 severely undermines the criticality of this challenge and risks yet another set of missed goals and targets.

Following the landmark agreement last year at COP15, Global Greens calls for an annual biodiversity COP. As acknowledged in Montreal, biodiversity loss is a matter of critical urgency. The current biannual calendar does not provide the framework to support this urgency.

There must be rapid acceleration in the implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework, successfully agreed at COP15, to halt and reverse the devastating biodiversity loss and the accompanying existential threat. This framework clearly outlined 4 key goals and 23 targets that must be achieved by 2030 in order to reverse biodiversity loss and enhance restoration.

Global Greens supports the Convention on Biological Diversity’s work in demanding a yearly meeting and urges all governments and international actors to come together to enact this.

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