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Global Greens Stand with Ukraine

We call for a strong, peaceful, unified, international response to the Russian invasion, and an immediate cessation of violence

Global Greens Statement, February 2022

The Global Greens international coalition of the Green Parties of the world declare our full solidarity with Ukraine and its people. We call upon the world community and political leaders to unify and respond in the strongest terms to the unprovoked, unilateral, and catastrophic invasion by Putin-led Russia against Ukraine.

The Global Greens are united by common democratic, humanitarian and peaceful principles, and we assert that the international community must act decisively and quickly to de-escalate war and develop effective mechanisms to support the millions of Ukrainian displaced to neighboring countries.

We deplore the loss of life from the violence and gross irresponsibility of these Russian military actions, and support the bravery of the Ukrainian people for standing up to this invasion. It is a gross injustice that innocent people must suffer the biggest consequences. We condemn in the strongest possible terms these pan-European military and political threats, and the grave impact this could have in our pursuit of world peace and stability.

The risk of catastrophic war, the scale of which could go far beyond the framework of Ukrainian-Russian relations and Europe, is unthinkable as we strive to align humanity to meet our challenges together. We urge Putin to listen to the growing voice of his own people, who understand there is no place and no justification for this invasion, and immediately withdraw and re-engage in dialogue. We stand by those Russian people willing to dissent and affirm their opposition to the Russian government’s actions.

Our principles of participatory democracy, nonviolence and respect for diversity remain as true here as at any time. We respect the need of Ukraine to defend itself, and we call upon the international community to rapidly maximize and unify nonviolent mechanisms to ensure Ukrainian sovereignty is maintained and the invasion halted and reversed.

The Global Greens call upon all global, continental, regional and local institutions to coordinate closely and take nonviolent, strategic and sustained collaborative diplomatic efforts and practical actions that would rapidly reduce Russia’s ability to finance war.

This includes but is not limited to: strong sanctions and asset seizures and freezes of officials supporting the invasion; reconfiguring energy supply away from any Russian sources; implementing a full range of international financial powers to restrict funding of this invasion; full support and assistance to the Ukrainian people and refugees, including housing, healthcare and education and services for women and children.

The Global Greens assert that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is severely detrimental to global peace, security, and human rights. In a democratic world, there is no place for neo-imperial ambitions, military expansionism, confrontations and wars.

Peace and prosperity for all must prevail.


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