New Initiative for Empowering Women in Politics by the Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network — Get Involved!

The Initiative

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network (APGFWN) has recently begun a project to increase gender equity in our green parties in the Asia Pacific region. This is a first for our network, and we have set ambitious goals to support women to become Greens party members, to share leadership roles, and to become more skilled and confident in participating in political activities. Levels of women’s participation across the Asia Pacific in politics is varied, and our objective is to see APGF member parties significantly increase in membership levels and in women taking leadership roles in their parties, including as candidates.

The project will include: a mentoring project, an online toolkit resource to outline ways to increase women’s participation as members, leaders and candidates, and development of a three-year action plan. We will also work to improve data collection on gender in Green parties so we can track progress.

How You Can Help

We are at the beginning of the project, and are looking for Greens women (we hope to draw on knowledge and experience of other Greens around the world for this project) who can:

  • Become mentors for women seeking to build their leadership skills;
  • Provide examples from other Green parties of ways to increase women’s participation, especially case studies and stories which are applicable to women living in non-OECD countries and countries where women are marginalised in power and politics; and
  • Help us with ideas for future funding, either from Greens sponsors or other sources.

The project will be delivered by members of the Women’s Network in Asia.

To get involved, please contact: Anita Nautiyal ( from India, who is leading the mentoring project, and Guia Limpin ( of the Philippines, who will prepare the Toolkit and Action Plan.

Funding for the project has been received from the International Development Committee, an Australian Greens initiative which directs Australian Government grants for advancing democracy to support the development of Greens parties in Asia Pacific. APGFWN hopes to use this small grant to commence work and to seek further funds to develop the program in future years.

About the Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network (APGFWN)

The APGF Women’s Network (APGFWN) is part of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF).  The Network was formed in November 2015, with members from Australia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippines, and Taiwan. To find out more, please visit our APGFWN Facebook page.


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