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Are you an Elected Green?

Dear Global Greens, 

We’re reactivating the Parliamentarian Association! The increasing number of Greens elected to all levels of representation is inspiring – at last count, we had 312 Federal Green MPs, 88 Green Senators and 13 Governments with Green Ministers!* 

For more information, read on for an email from the Convenor of the Parliamentarian Association, Canadian Greens MP Elizabeth May. And feel free to forward this email on to your local representatives so they know about the Association. 

Also, we’ve also included an update from our most recent webinar and some terrific volunteer opportunities below. Thanks everyone for your active engagement and stay tuned for our next email that will detail exciting new features on our website!

Kind Regards

Bob Hale & Gloria Polanco 
Co-Convenors of the Global Greens 

*Please email us at if you have further information about Green representation in your country! 

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Elizabeth May, Canadian Member of Parliament and Leader of the Canadian Parliamentary Greens

Dear Elected Greens,

Greens everywhere choose to go above and beyond everyday, so staying connected as Greens around the globe can be difficult. Day to day, we are hard at work in our own countries to address climate change and promote Green values. In the spirit of collaboration, and with Earth Day fast approaching, we are pleased to extend an invitation to Greens elected at the local, regional, or national level across the world to join the Global Greens Parliamentarians Association

As Global Greens Parliamentary Association Convenor, I would like to invite you to put your name forward to be a part of a growing network of elected Greens dedicated to: 

  • Acting, in a coordinated manner, in our Parliaments on issues of identified global concern 
  • Developing a mutually-reinforcing and mutually-supportive network of MPs, as individuals, to help us each be most effective in our Parliamentary actions 
  • Achieving positive change for Green goals at the global and regional levels 

By joining the network, you will be connected with like-minded individuals working at every level of government around the world to achieve climate action. Our hope is to foster a space to discuss the unique challenges Greens face, and to share our experiences, knowledge, and policy suggestions. 

We would love to hear from you! This email will serve as an opt-in opportunity to the GG Parliamentarians Association. If you are interested in joining this Network and connecting with other elected Greens around the world, through networking, policy discussion, and Zoom events, please email 

Thank you very much. We look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Elizabeth May
Convenor of the Global Greens Parliamentarians Association 
Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands 
Parliamentary Leader for the Green Caucus in the Canadian House of Commons 

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