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Global Greens Congress new date – January 2022!

Dear Global Greens, 

The joint Global Greens 5th Congress & Asia Pacific Greens Federation 4th Congress has a new date: January 2022!  

The main event will be held in Seoul, South Korea.  Online & local participation is a major aspect of this congress and will be organised in collaboration with your Green Party.

The reasons for the new date are to provide more time for the global community to develop understanding, treatment and management of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We expect travel restrictions to be eased by this time as well.

Holding the Congress in January 2022 also supports our Congress hosts, Green Party Korea, in their campaigns for the presidential elections in March 2022 and local elections in June 2022.  It will be a fantastic experience getting to know the politics and people in Korea and the Asia Pacific region and creating our future together.

We want to make the Congress accessible & participatory for Greens everywhere. Therefore we are working to enable you to: 

  • Watch congress sessions online even if you can’t be there in person; 
  • Organise local congress discussions with your Green Party and share your meeting outcomes with the GG community as part of our online global congress program; and 
  • Connect with your fellow Greens everywhere by using our (coming soon!) new GG Website to find, meet, learn, share, and continue to strengthen our political movement through our direct mutual support and friendships.

We’ll continue to update you as we progress with Congress organising.  We will inform you of this the exact days as soon as possible. In the meantime, contact your Green Party’s International Secretariat to:

  • Find out how to become a delegate to attend the GG congress in Seoul. The Seoul event is open to all Greens and this is where resolution voting will be held.
  • Volunteer to organise a GG congress discussion locally – which we’ll feature in the GG online media.
  • Learn more about the Global Greens and how to get involved.

We hope everyone is keeping healthy and we look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at our next congress!

In solidarity,

The Global Greens and the Asia Pacific Greens Federation

*The Members of the Joint Congress Steering Committee who are generously volunteering their time to organise the details and operations for our Congress are: Bob Hale, Nick Cooper, Chulseong Lee, Fabiano CarnevaleEffie KimJoline SuijkerbuijkKeli Yen, Michelle Sheather, Snigdha TiwariChangeta Tapiwa, and Tika Dhoj Bhandari.  Thank you!

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