COP27 is happening in November in Egypt. Do you want to work together to build Global Greens voice on the world stage?

from Snigdha and Lucy:

Callout for New Members

The COP26 Working Group of Global Greens which was established in November 2020, and the term which was ending after COP26, was renamed as Climate Working Group in  January 2022. The term of the group is extended with a purpose to organize and guide Green groups globally to be the most effective influence at COP (Climate Change) meetings. On February 23, the Climate Working Group elected two new co-convenors from Asia Pacific Region and African Region. 

The new Convenors of Global Green Climate WG, Snigdha Tiwari from Uttarakhand Parivartan Party, India and Lucy Kagendo Mbae take this opportunity to thank the earlier co-conveners Alice Hubbard , Anne Marie Bihirabake for their able and efficient leadership. The new convenors also extend a gracious gratitude to all the volunteers and members of the group  for making COP26 a huge success for Global Greens and are looking forward to working with the members. 

The Climate WG is sending a call out to invite passionate Green Party members who can dedicate their time and share knowledge as volunteers/active members of the group in fulfilling the goals of the WG primarily around COP27 which is scheduled to take place 7th -18th  November, 2022 Sham El-sheik, Egpyt.  COP of  great significance as it is the only platform where more than 196 countries come together to discuss and take actions to combat climate change. Therefore, any contribution in terms of knowledge sharing, guidance, strategy formation, administration of the group from the Global Greens members from across the regions is very welcomed. 

Kindly find the form below to submit your interest for membership.

Here is a google form for membership call out.”

Lucy Kagendo Mbae

Snigdha Tiwari


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