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New Global Greens Co-Conveners!

Global Greens are proud to announce that Bodil Valero from Sweden, and Jose Miguel Quintanilla from Guatemala have been elected to co-convene the Global Greens. A new and exciting chapter for our movement.

“The world needs a truly international Green political movement, a Global Green movement, more than ever.”

Bodil and Jose Miguel

Bodil brings more than 30 years experience in local, national, European and international politics, having worked in the Swedish Parliament and European Parliament. As well as much else, she is the co-founder and on the board of the AEPI – African European Parliamentarians Initiative. She is the Global Chair for the Women’s Network G100 Security and Defence Wing, and has received an honorary doctorate from Rai University, Ahmedabad, India for contributions in the field of Security, Defence, Human Rights and the Rights of Minorities.

Jose Miguel is a Professor of Economics at Universidad Regional De Guatemala and is the CEO of a technology company. He served for four years as a Congressman in the Central American Parliament and, as well as many other things, focused on environmental and technological issues for the region. As an advisor to Congresso De La República, he worked on modernizing the Congress and Work, Economy and Foreign Trade, Environment, Ecology and Natural Resources, Energy and Mines, and Regional Integration Committees.

“We will ensure that all voices are heard, find common ground for actions collectively and globally and ensure that the Global Greens remain representative of the diversity that created it and that gives its strength and value.”

Bodil and Jose Miguel

Bodil and Jose Miguel invite you to read their welcome letter…



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