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COP28: Time to end conflicts of interests

Time is fast-running out to make the changes to keep to 1.5 degrees of warming. The science tells us that emissions must start to flatten in the next year, and be reduced by 45% by 2030.

This may sound like a tall order, but it is achievable. However, while Greens and many other people around the world demands these changes from their governments, the fossil fuel sector is ramping up production.

The COP President, Sultan Al Jaber is also the President of the UAE national oil company. A company that is specifically planning to dramatically increase it’s own production. And it’s not alone.

But renewables are also increasingly significantly too. The changes we require to achieve climate goals are all achievable and demonstrated to work. What must change is the sway and power of vested interests in the fossil fuel sector in climate negotiations.

As COP28 begins, we Global Greens put the spotlight firmly on Sultan Al Jaber to respond to these conflicts of interests, and demonstrate that this COP can bring transparency, accountability and remove undue influence from vested interests. Yes, everyone must be around the table. And that means us as citizens, and as a global community, striving to make a better world today, for a healthier, safer more just future.

Global Greens delegates will be representing our movement at COP28 and demanding that swift, science-based change to meet climate goals be at the heart of negotiations, and serve all people, not the profits of the powerful few.

Read our statement and share far and wide in your Green community and circles…



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