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After 27 years of negotiations, the governments of the world are waking up to the realities of climate change and the primary driver – the burning of fossil fuels. There is a large growing demand to act swiftly to lesson the worse impacts of climate change from people all over the world, and over 100 governments at COP28.

Yet some governments, and the fossil fuel sector are working hard to undermine this simple demand.

As Greens, we know that working in harmony with nature and our planet can and will lead to better, healthier lives for everyone. We’ve been saying this for decades in Green movements all around the world.

Climate negotiations cannot be manipulated by the powers of polluting profits (see our ‘Conflicts of Interest’ statement here) any longer. It’s time to stand up for people and planet, and call time on the fossil fuel sector.

Sustainable development, and a healthy life for all must and can be built on renewable energy. The technology and the pathways exist. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

As Greens, we believe in fairness and equity, where no-one is left behind. New Green energy sectors can bloom. Areas that have depended on fossil fuels for livelihoods can be retooled. The trillions of subsidies that pour into this hugely profitable sector – profits that go into the pockets of the elite few – can be redirected.

What we need is the political will. It’s time for the governments of the world to commit in writing what everyone knows – the fossil fuel sector must come to an end. The world must transition swiftly to a sustainable, circular and renewable way of life.

Global Greens officially endorsed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and Parliamentarians Call for A Fossil Free Future at our Congress this year. This shows clear pillars and pathways to change and is a growing and galvanising movement, especially at COP. Tell your local and national politicians to sign and join today.

Time to PHASE OUT fossil fuels at COP28.

Read our statement below to learn more. Check out our social media and share our campaign for and wide.



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