COP27 Webinar Series – Loss and Damage

Slides from this webinar can be downloaded:

here for Khursheed Alam – Pakistan Greens

here for Martin Agindo – Green Congress of Kenya

and here for Liane Schalatek – Heinrich Böll Stiftung

We are all feeling the impacts of climate change, but those people in the world who have contributed the least to the problem, are experiencing it the most, and the hardest.

Global South countries have fought hard to get Loss and Damage on the agenda. And our COP27 Series kicks off with this.

To get you in the know, we have put together a range of Global Greens experts to put this vital topic in context, and describe what needs to happen at COP to ensure Climate Justice is delivered.

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Speakers, clockwise from top left: Martin Ogindo, Khursheed Alam, Liane Schalatek, Dr Karl Schibel, Kathrin Henneberger

We are delighted to be joined by the following panelists:

  • Khursheed Alam is Divisional President of Pakistan Green Party (PGP) Larkana chapter and also Councilor of Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF). He is Executive Director of a NGO working in Sindh province and also Coordinator for Coalition for Climate Action in Pakistan. And also a member of different social networks including NGOs Action Forum, Governance & Transparency Network and Amnesty International. Khursheed will be describing the situation in Pakistan, recently devastated by huge climate change impacts.
  • Liane Schalatek is the Associate Director of the Washington Office of  the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, a German political party foundation, affiliated with the German Green Party, with 33 offices worldwide working on sustainable development, human rights and gender democracy. At the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Liane spearheads the foundation’s work on international climate finance with an emphasis on the transparency and accountability of public climate finance flows and on equitable, human-rights centered and gender-transformative access to climate funding, including via the Green Climate Fund (GCF), where she represented civil society concerns to the Board as a CSO Active Observer for Developed Countries from 2016-2019, and other climate funds. She has more than 20 years of experience in global governance issues, specifically in international development and finance and international climate negotiations, where a particular interest of her work revolved around engendering macroeconomic and finance policy. She holds dual master degrees in political science/political economy and international affairs.
  • Dr. Karl-Ludwig Schibel is a climate activist, a researcher and writer on ecological ethics, climate change and local climate policies. He holds an MA in sociology from Columbia University and a PhD from Frankfurt University, where he taught for twenty years social ecology. He served on the board of the city network Climate Alliance from 1990 to 2015 and continues to coordinate Alleanza per il Clima in Italy. He organized since 1988 the annual Fair of Practical Utopias in Città di Castello, which showcases ecological solutions for the economy and society.
  • Kathrin Henneberger is member of the Bundestag for the Green Party and activist for climate justice from the Rhineland. Her focus is on global climate justice and she has also accompanied the World Climate Conference for several years. As a member of the committee “Economic Cooperation and Development”, as well as a member of the committee “Climate Protection and Energy”, she works to ensure that our global responsibility is implemented. In her region in the Rhenish mining area, she is fighting to preserve the villages, forests and nature threatened by the Garzweiler and Hambach opencast coal mines.
  • Hon. Martin Ogindo is a former Member of Parliament in Kenya (2008 – 2013) where he served as the Chairman of the Budget Committee and a Member of the Departmental Committee on Lands, Environment and Natural Resources. Martin is a founder member of Green Congress of
    Kenya (GCK) since 2016 and currently is Co-Party Leader and a member of the Global Greens Coordination.

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