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The Road to COP28… webinar series

THE ROAD TO COP28 kicks off with a review of Loss and Damage.

Loss and Damage was a big win for developing countries at COP27, and Global Greens campaigned hard for this. Now it’s time to see rich countries honour their commitments.

As part of our ‘Road to COP28’ webinar series, Global Greens invites you to hear what has happened in the past year, hearing stories and reports from the frontline of climate change from Green politicians from the four federations.

AGF: Thomas Mariwa from Green Congress of Kenya is a tech entrepreneur, author, poet and politician. He will be discussing the huge impacts of drought in the horn of Africa, what that means for communities in the region, and how effective finance can help alleviate the worst of the impacts. Drought has huge impacts on agriculture and migration in the region, and too often is neglected in mainstream news.

FPVA: Naomi Hunter, Sasketchewan Green Party Leader in the Green Party of Canada, will discuss the devastating wildfires that made headline news around the world. As a farmer and politician, she will discuss what this means regionally and internationally, and the responsibility wealthier countries have to honour financial commitments.

EGP: Silvia Zambini from Europa Verde (Italy) will detail how the same amount of rain which usually falls in seven months fell in two weeks in the heart of Italy, displacing 50’000 people. Climate change struggles to make the news in Italy, and yet this is the frontline in Europe. Silvia will highlight what this means for a continent that must strive to put financial commitments front and centre.

APGF: Joyance Yan-Han Wang and Namoh Nofu Pacidal from Green Party of Taiwan will detail the impact of recent typhoons on the country and region. Typhoons are growing in intensity and frequency around the Pacific region and Joyance and Namoh will detail what this means for the country from a social-economic and indigenous perspective.

This is the first in our COP28 webinar series.

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