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Our COP27 Fundraiser is LIVE!

COP27 is just a short time away, and each climate conference gets more and more vital. Time is running out and we must come together and unite to ensure strong outcomes in Sharm El-Sheik. Our lives, and our futures depend on it. That’s why we are all Green.

We’ve been working hard for action in the run-up to and at COP, and you’re about to see a lot more.

As part of our work we are sending a Global Greens delegation to COP27 to collaborate, unite our Green world, and act and speak for us all.

But we need your help. To make sure this delegation can attend, and stands as true representation of our movement, we need to raise funds to ensure there are no barriers and we stand united.

Our delegates, with the Climate Working Group, are working hard on webinars, press statements, COP side-event preparation, and international Parliamentary meetings preparations to connect you directly to what’s happening, and work together to fight for real change.

We are in this together for a just and equitable world, for all.

Meet our delegation…

Find our more about your delegation on our FUNDRAISER PAGE.

And please, any amount you can spare makes a difference. We must stand together and make our Global Greens heard for real change.

Thank you, you’ve made a difference.

And please share this far and wide. Social links are on the FUNDRAISER PAGE


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